Launched in 2017, Hiveon is a leading global one-stop ecosystem for cryptocurrency mining, with 2M users’ active devices located worldwide. Look at our products built by using the latest technologies and fresh architectural solutions (Golang, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Redis/KeyDB, NATS, gRPC, Flutter, React, Vue.js):

🐝 Hiveon OS - the world’s β„–1 operating system for miners. 5 years ago, we launched a product that has become leading in the sphere within the first 6 months with no marketing budget.
🐝 Hiveon Pool - Since its launch, our Pool has become a TOP 4 pool for mining worldwide. Last year we got x9 client volume growth.
🐝 Hiveon ASIC Firmware - the game-changing firmware for ASICs. Our users get extra hashrate up to 60%, high protection from viruses, and a bunch of Hiveon OS features to manage all the farms easily.
🐝 Hiveon ASIC Hub - a time and cost-effective solution. Clients can install thousands of ASICs within minutes and use the benefits of Hiveon OS.
🐝 Energy solutions.

Our team includes around 100 people located in 10+ countries 🌎; we have the freedom to accept strategic decisions & architectural solutions, unlimited vacation & sick leave policy, totally flexible working hours, remote-friendly work, etc.

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